Kim Kardashian's Workout Motivation: Intense Body Hatred | Reality Tv Magazine

October 20, 2014

Shes hitting up the gym in hopes of shedding those last few pounds but could Kim being taking the weight loss effort too far? When your main responsibility is looking good for selfies and public appearances, gaining united states even a few pounds can be devastating. Such is the case for Kim Kardashian, who appears to have dealt with a crippling case of body dysmorphia ever since this one she gave birth to North West . Although she continues to share bikini photos with her Facebook fans, the new mom has made obvious that shes desperate to return to her pre-baby look. At some point, however, Kim may just need to accept that, like it or not, motherhood can irreversibly change a womans body. For now, Kim prefers to remain in denial, insisting that she can workouts whip her body back into shape. The reality stars personal trainer tells Radar Online , Kim has been coming in quite regularly lately.We focus on different areas of the body each day and Kim has been frequenting every class to make sure that she gets a full-body workout. This doesnt sound so bad in and of itself nothing wrong with a nice blast of endorphins!
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