'hollywood Exiles In Europe': Feeling Alienated And Anxious - La Times

September 23, 2014

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of cinema in 1995, the Vatican created a list of 45 recommended movies divided into such categories as religion, values resource and art. The American Cinematheque's Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood will be presenting five movies from the list Easter weekend beginning... (Handout) See more galleries For whether they were genre news classics like the Dassin films or wore their social consciousness on their sleeves, these films were infused with the expatriate experience of the rootless outsider looking in, searching for a home. As often as not studies of desperate men under desperate circumstances, these efforts came by their fear and anxiety honestly and found it very hard to shake. As detailed by series continue co-curator Rebecca Prime, whose fine new book on the era shares its title with the series, these pictures were independent of necessity and, well before it was trendy, the product of the rough-and-tumble world of low-budget European co-production. Just as their creators often worked under pseudonyms because powerful pressure groups such as the American Legion worked hard to keep their output off U.S.
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