Can You Become Addicted To Exercise? - Yahoo News

October 6, 2014

Even with the awareness their exercise schedule is getting out of hand, exercise addicts are either unable original site to stop or cut back. More reps are added and more miles are run. -- The fifth criterion, time, refers to huge amounts of time spent engaging in exercise or exercise-related activities. A large chunk of an exercise addict's time during the day is devoted to physical activity. Vacations are often fitness-oriented (such as ski and hiking trips), employment may be exercise-oriented (such as working at a gym or being a personal trainer), and reading material is often fitness-related. -- The sixth criterion, conflict, refers to non-fitness related activities that fall by read more... the wayside because they conflict with exercise. Time spent relaxing with friends or family is truncated to make more room for exercise. What once brought an exercise addict fulfillment may seem like a nuisance because it gets in the way of his or her workout. -- Finally, continuance refers to continuing to exercise despite physical or psychological issues that should prevent the activity.
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